Loitering munitions is a kind of new concept ammunition that can carry out "patrol flight" above the target area and "standby" to perform a variety of combat tasks. Can realize reconnaissance and damage assessment, precision strike, communications, relay, target indication, aerial warning and other single or multiple missions of uav. It consists of warhead, guidance device, propulsion system, control device, stabilization device and so on. Its "patrol" capability is useful for striking time-sensitive targets in wartime, as well as airfields and ports. Targets such as carrier strike groups have a big role. Cruiser technology will be widely used in the future air-to-ground ammunition, becoming an important development trend in the field of ammunition, which has attracted extensive attention.
Loitering munitions main features :1. loitering munitions can be launched in various forms, without the need to improve the weapon platform. It can be put in separately, and can be put in as a subcartridge carried by various shells. It can be carried by all types of artillery (including howitzers). Mortars. Tank guns. Rocket launchers, ship guns, etc.) are launched through the upward trajectory. The glide section after the trajectory apex shall conduct patrol flight to the target area; Or by its mother bomb in a certain altitude step to put patrol missile, patrol missile and then gliding section to the target area for patrol flight; Even by aerial drones. Stepper and other carrier drop. More than one patrol missile can be set at the same time. 2. Guidance methods such as GPS/INS guidance or autonomous terminal guidance are adopted, and the precision of circular probability error is generally less than 50M. 3. Use solid thrusters and small turbojet engines for propulsion, which can patrol the target area for more than 15 minutes or more than 30 minutes. 4. A single (or multi-functional) warhead can be equipped with color TELEVISION cameras. Chemical or biological detection sensors. Weather instruments. Non-lethal devices and anti-personnel warheads, with target search. Target monitoring and location. Combat damage assessment. Aerial wireless relay and target attack functions improve target flexibility. 5. Changes in flight can be controlled by ground stations (or ground operators), and tactical information can be transmitted by dual communication lines (or real-time images). By remote control or pre-installation, the flight status of the projectile can be changed and task redistribution can be carried out during flight.
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