Fixed Wing Drones

WS-43 Loitering Munition System (suicide Drone)

The WS-43 loitering munition is an export type with a range of 20 to 60 kilometers, a continuous cruising time of more than half an hour, and a maximum flight speed of 300 km/h. Currently, GPS composite guidance technology is adopted. In the future, with the completion of Beidou, the Beidou navigation system with higher precision will be adopted. It can carry a 20 kg warhead. Thanks to the modular design, different warheads, including anti-radiation warheads, high-explosive combustion warheads, etc., can be assembled in wartime according to different battlefield needs. If you follow the specifications of 6 launch vehicles in a battalion, there are a total of 25 launch containers, which can carry at least 90 "patrol bombs"! If a WS-22 122mm rocket and a WS-33 400mm rocket are mixed, a joint combat system can be formed. Moreover, it can adapt to a variety of battle scenes and combat needs!

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