Loitering Munitions

High Speed Loitering Munition (low cost)

This high speed loitering munition can carry a 10kg warhead and is mainly used to strike fixed targets, with a speed exceeding 140 meters per second. Ordinary anti drone systems cannot intercept it,

High speed loitering munition specifications
Captain: 3.2m
Wing span: 1.5m
Maximum flight speed: 180 m/s
Flight altitude: 20-8000m
Endurance: ≥ 35min
Maximum takeoff weight: 95Kg
Flight distance and speed: > 350 kilometers, 140 meters/second @ payload 5kg
                                           > 200 kilometers, 150 meters/second @ payload10kg
Takeoff methods: rocket boosters or catapult launcher
Control and guidance methods: remote control, programmable control, fully autonomous flight
RCS (conventional type): 0.1-0.3 (S, C, KU frequency band)
RCS (stealth type): 0.01-0.03 (S, C, KU frequency band)
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