Loitering Munitions

ZT-180 Loitering Munition Drone (Suicide Drone)

loitering munition
ZT-180 Loitering Munition Drone (Suicide Drone)
The ZT-180 drone adopts delta wing layout to effectively improve the cruising speed and reduce the size of UAV. The wing-body fusion design reduces the resistance of the whole aircraft, and realizes the compact structure for carrying easily; The design scheme of wing + fuselage with 3 fuel tanks is adopted to effectively increase the tank volume of UAV, reduce the cross-sectional area of fuselage, thus reduce the flight resistance of UAV and increase the flight duration. Adopt tail-push power arrangement to improve propeller efficiency. 

ZT-180 Drone Features: 
  Low cost 
  Small volume, rapid deployment 
  Quick retrofit and replacement load 
  Compact structure design, easy to transport. 

ZT-180 Drone Specification: 
  Length: 2.8 meters 
  Wing length: 2.6 m 
  Cruise speed: 210 km/h
  Endurance: 6h (40kg load)  
  Payload: ≥40kg 
  Maximum take-off weight: ≥180kg 
 Flight altitude: 3000m (altitude)
Take-off mode: rocket boost take-off

According to customer needs, Install different payloads
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