Loitering Munitions

ZF70 Heavy Lift Long Endurance Stealth Loitering Munition (Low Cost)

Wingspan: 3.2m
Length: 1.68m
High: 0.36
Power: piston engine
Maximum take-off weight: 80kg
Cruising speed: 140km/h
Maximum speed: 200km/h
Payload: 10 ~30kg (according to the endurance time)
Maximum endurance time: >7h (adjustable according to fuel volume and payload)
Ceiling: >5000m
Range: >1000km (Adjustable according to fuel volume and payload)
Take-off and landing method: pneumatic ejection
Operation: autonomous route, one-button return, manual control
Mission payload: tracer tubes, ammunition
Material: carbon fiber structure, modular design, easy maintenance
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