Loitering Munitions

Sunflower 200 Kamikaze Drone

The Sunflower 200 Kamikaze Attack Drone is China's latest loitering munition drone, The Sunflower 200 kamikaze attack drone is similar in appearance to the Iranian Shahed 136 UAV, The Sunflower 200 kamikaze drone has a maximum flight distance of 2000km and a load of 40kg. The Sunflower 200 kamikaze krone is used to hit long-range stationary targets, it is a low cost loitering munition.

Sunflower 200 Kamikaze Drone Specification:
Length: 3.2 m 
Wingspan: 2.5 m.
Flight speed:160-220 km/h.
Maximum take-off weight: 175kg
combat payload: 40 kg.
Flight range: 1500 km to 2000 km, 
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