Loitering Munitions

FH-901 /901A Loitering Munition Drone

“FEIHONG”  Loitering Munition Drone Series

System Composition
FH-901 UAV system consists of aircraft sub-system, launch equipment sub-system, data link sub-system, payload sub-system, fuze and warhead equipment sub-system, command control and information processing sub-system and integrated support sub-system

Product Introduction
The system is mainly used for individual or small unit combat units to carry out fast maneuver operations. It is used to carry out the task of real-time battlefield situation awareness, such as battlefield reconnaissance, surveillance and damge assessment. It can also attack enemy's mobile target and time-sensitive target quickly and accurately.

FH-901 /901A Loitering Munition Drone dimension

Technical Specification
√Max. take-off mass: 9kg/3.5kg
√ Effective radius: 20km/15km
√ Flight speed: 30~50m/s
√ Warhead weight: 1.3kg/0.5kg
√ Endurance time: 1h/40min
√ Accuracy ( CEP ) :2m

Product Features
Integration, intelligence and generalization
Launch "silent, no light, no smoke"
Targeted killings, high hit accuracy

FH-901 /901A Loitering Munition Drone Static target reconnaissance and strik
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