Loitering Munitions

YS-20 Long-endurance UAV

Manufacturer: China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

Product Overview
YS-20 UAV is with a take-off weight of 18kg and an endurance of more than 5 hours, the long-endurance reconnaissance UAV can carry various types of reconnaissance/percussion loads such as optoelectronics, anti-radiation, and magnetic detection, and rely on airborne swarm units to perform large-area, long-term cooperative combat missions.
Ø All-electronic long range: high specific energy battery, large spread ratio, mission range>5 hours;
Ø Swarm cooperative reconnaissance: vehicle–mounted and ship-mounted swarm launch, supporting airborne formation, autonomous networking, coordinated detection, target sharing and mission reconfiguration
Ø Flexible interface to carry various types of reconnaissance/ percussion loads
Ø The highly scalable system, supporting swarm formation operation and can achieve deep articulation with the command &control system
Functional Parameters
Ø Take-off weight:18kg
Ø Launch barrel size:210mm*210mm*2200mm Ø Cruising time:5.5h
Ø Flight speed:110 - 180km/h
Ø Minimum flight height:≤50m
Ø Lifting limit:2000m
Ø Distance:200km Ø Launch mode:barrel tilt, swarm of vehicle Mounted, shipborne swarm
Ø Target recognition distance:2km
Ø Reconnaissance guidance equipment: white light、 infrared
Ø Mission load: photo electricity, magnetic detectors, anti-radiation/ percussion loads
Ø Platform load: swarm units, ad hoc network data link, anti-interference navigation
Ø Wind resistance: Level 6
Ø Recycling method: parachute landing fall, crashing the net
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