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Military Drone Swarm System

Product Overview of Military Drone Swarm
The military drone swarm system is the star product of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) in the field of defense, and the characteristic in the field of unmanned system. The swarm combat vehicle is the ground unmanned equipment with the largest number of fixed-wing UAVs and the fastest launching speed in China.

Features of Military Drone Swarm
The military drone swarm system can carry and launch up to 48 fixed-wing UAVs, which quickly form autonomous drone swarms and realize the wide-area reconnaissance of the operational area and precision strikes against the targets of interest. The swarm combat vehicle has the integrated ability of UAV storage, transportation and launching. With the modular design, the drone swarm can be reloaded quickly and subsequently improve the responsiveness of ground troops effectively.

Technical parameters of swarm drone
Endurance: ≥60min
Control radius: 15km
Maximum take-off weight: ≥10kg
Folding size: 140mm1070mm
Load capacity: ≥3kg
Maximum take-off altitude: 5000m
Maximum flat speed: 50m/s
Cruising speed: 30m/s~40m/s
Launch platforms: monoculars, vehicles, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, surface/underwater vessels

Technical parameters of swarm drone launcher
Launch speed: ≥30m/s
Launch weight: ≤13kg
Launch Angle: 30°~500
Number of launches: 20 consecutive rounds
Launch interval: 5s
Type of launch energy: compressed nitrogen
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