Loitering Munitions

Loitering munition design

Company of loitering munition design: China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation (CASC)
Loitering munition is a kind of ammunition or submunition, which can carry out cruising flight in the target area with the existing weapon platform, and can undertake single or multiple tasks such as battlefield surveillance, target reconnaissance, combat damage assessment, air radio relay and attacking targets.

Composition of loitering munition: it is mainly composed of the warhead (reconnaissance type, blasting type, penetration type, etc.), guidance device, propulsion system, control device and stability device, etc.
The main tactical and technical performance of loitering munition design: 
Endurance: 15 mins ~12 hours 
Height: 100 ~ 1000 meters 
Flight speed: 30 ~ 100 m/s 
Length: 0.5 ~ 1.5 meters
Guidance mode: GPS/ inertial guidance is used in the middle and patrol section, and lidar seeker (attack type) or TV camera (reconnaissance type) is used for detection and terminal guidance in the patrol section. 

Launch platform of loitering munition design: 
First type: cannon-launched
Second type: airborne delivery 
Third type: individual drop

Development trend of Loitering munition:
The integrated development of reconnaissance, strike and other functions will enhance the capability of networked and coordinated operations. 
Guidance systems are being developed to be complex and the guidance accuracy is constantly improved. 
Introduce the control of "man in the loop" and improve ability of quick reaction. 
Low cost development, improve the efficiency and cost ratio of weapons.
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