Loitering Munitions

S570 Loitering Munition Weapon System

      S570 loitering munition weapon system has a reconnaissance radius of up to 10 km; and its lethal radius is about 8 meters. It is equipped with IR and CCD guided system. Not only can it be launched by individual, but also Can be launched by a launch vehicle.

  The loitering munition has a range of 10 kilometers and is mainly used to combat light armored targets, buildings and cluster soldiers. The bomb is actually a small drone with a warhead propelled by a propeller, and four folded wings are deployed to maintain flight stability after launch. Under the control of the gunner, the patrol missile can accurately strike the target. The thickness of the smashing armor is more than 60 mm. It can completely deal with the general infantry fighting vehicle, and even destroy the tank power by means of combating the tank power cabin. target.
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