Fixed Wing Drones

CM-501XA/CM-501X Loitering Munition

The CM-501XA loitering munition is 2 meters long and has a cylindrical structure on the head. The rear part of the projectile has a square section (230×230 mm). It has two pop-up wings and weighs over 100 kg. It is equipped with 8.5 kg. Small high rupture disc warhead. It is reported that the loitering munition has more than 30 minutes of endurance and can strike more than 70 kilometers of stationary and moving targets. After the launch, the loitering munition will continue to hover over the battlefield, and when it finds the target or receives an attack command to launch an attack, it has the advantages of both the missile and the drone. The loitering munitions are on standby in the battlefield, causing great deterrents and threats to enemy ground targets.


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