The man-portable air defense missile is a light air defense weapon with the smallest volume, the lightest weight, the shortest range, and the smallest shooting height in the surface-to-air missile series. Low-flying fighter jets, attack planes, bombers and gunships.
Launching method of man-portable air defense missile: shoulder launching, relying on launching

Technical features of man-portable air defense missile
The biggest feature of the man-portable air defense missile is that it is small, light, fast, and fierce. It does not need a special power supply vehicle, a command vehicle, and a complete set of support equipment to carry out covert attacks in the enemy's frontier combat area. Therefore, it is an individual point air defense equipment. . In order to highlight the above characteristics, the launch and guidance must be simple and must not be as complicated as the "Patriot". Launching methods can be roughly divided into two types: one is shoulder-mounted launch, and the other is relying on launch.
Shoulder launch means that the launcher is in a standing posture, and the launch elevation angle is selected between 15° and 65°. The launcher is placed on the shoulder, aimed with a monocular sight, and the trigger is pulled like an anti-tank rocket launcher. . The most typical launch method of this type is the American "Stinger" missile, which is 1.52 meters in length, 0.07 meters in diameter, and 10.12 kilograms in launch weight. The launch tube weighs about 5.7 kilograms, is about 183 centimeters long, and has a diameter of 0.09 meters.

Specification of man-portable air defense missile
Range: 300~5000 meters
Shooting height: 10~3000 meters
Maximum flight speed: 660 m/s
Power plant: 2 solid rocket motors
Warhead: blasting anti-personnel high explosive
Single shot destruction probability: 75%
Made of fiberglass material, the barrel is equipped with a portable strap.
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