Man-portable Air Defense Missiles

QW-18 Anti-aircraft Missile

The QW-18 missile is a portable air-defense weapon system with anti-infrared jamming capability omnidirectionally against low and very low altitude air targets with a flight speed of no more than 300m/s, QW-18 missile is used for the air defense lo the motorized infantry, armed forces, artillery and paratroops, as well as to the important battle field or critical places such as command center, bridge, airport and ferry. QW-18 missile is capable to integrate with other air defense weapon systems to establish a complete air defense system.t can be extended into air-to-air missile, ship-to-air missile on the small naval vessels and missile-gun air defense weapon system.

1. Leading features
 High capability against IR jamming
All-whether operation
Accurate and lethal against air targets
Omnidirectional interception
Large attack zone
Easy operation
Quick deployment
Good survivability

2.Main tactical and technical performance
 Type of target: Fighter, attacker, bomber, armed helicopter and  air-borne transport airplane,UAV
 Launch mode: Shoulder-fired
Mode of attacking targets: Omni-direction,
                                          Anti-jamming capability

Target speed: s300m/s
Missile speed: 600m/s
Interception altitude: 10~4,000m
Lethal slant range: 500~5,000m
Max. overload: 16g
Conversion from matching to operation: s10sSelf-destruction time: 14-18s
Total system weight: 18kg
Launch tube weight: 4kg
Firing unit weight: 1.7kg
Operation temperature: -40C- +60°C
shelf life:10 years

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