Man-portable Air Defense Missiles

QW-2 Anti-aircraft Missile

The QW-2 missile is a new generation of man-portable IR passive homing anti-aircraft missile weapon system, Which is used to intercept invading fighters, attackers, armed helicopter, unmanned reconnaissance aircraft and cruise missile at low and very low altitude to carryout field battle or critical area air defense.t has excellent detective capability, guidance accuracy, target destroying capability, night operation performance as well as very easy, simple and reliable operation advantage. The most outstanding is that the latest anti-infrared interference technology is applied to the system, therefore the missile can be used effectively against every kind of artificial IR jammers and IR flares in the course of firing and attacking.

1.Leading features
Larger attacking zone Missile weight   11kg Anti-jamming capability
Excellent anti-jamming ability Missile length 1.590mm against background jamming
Direct aiming and firing Missile diameter 72mm against electromagnetic ware
Effective initial guidance System weight 18.4kg against artificial IR jammer
Fully new terminal guidance Environment temperature -40~+55℃ against artificial IR flares
Accurate guidance Service life 10 years against jamming actively
Powerful lethality     against jamming in the whole procedure
Firing motor left in tube     against jamming continuosly
Effective night operation     against multipie flares

2.Main tactical and technical specifications
Max. target speed 400mls (head-on)
  320m/s (tail-on)
Target altitude 10~4,000m
Target slant distance 500~6,000m
Time ready to fire less than 5s
Missile speed: more than 25m/s
  600m/s(at endurance)
Single shot killing probability 75%
Manouverable overload: 16g(average)
· 18g(max.)
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