Man-portable Air Defense Missiles

QW-12 Anti-aircraft Missile

QW-12, the upgraded version of QW-2, is used by individual gunner attack air targets which intrude in low and extremely low sky like jet aircraft, armed helicopter,unmanned aerial vehicle, cruise missile, etc. In the air defense combat of battlefields, key regions and cities.
With mid-infrared two-waveband multielement detection and guidance technology, its detection distance is long.
With proximity/contact combined fuze, its performance on destroying
target is excellent.
With strong anti-jamming capability, it can counter 8 rounds of infrared jamming.
Main Specifications:
Effective shooting altitude: 10m~~4000m
Effective shooting range: 500m~6000m
Anti-jamming capability: it can counter 8 rounds of infrared decoy, and the probability of countering infrared decoy successfully is not less than 80%.
Detection distance: ≥9km (to jet aircraft)
Killing probability of single shot: ≥80%
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