Military unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is a kind of unmanned ground mobile platform that can control or independently complete complex terrain maneuvering, assist or replace human to complete specific operations and support tasks. It is the product of the highly complex development of information technology and industrial technology, and is the extension of traditional human operations on the land battlefield.

Military unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) have been widely used in recent wars, playing an important role in many tactical operations such as unexploded ordnance disposal, early warning and reconnaissance, security patrol, battlefield rescue, improvised explosive device detection, detection and clearance, urban auxiliary operations and logistics support, greatly saving manpower and reducing casualties. Countries have fully realized from actual combat that in future ground operations, military unmanned ground vehicles will become an important part of the information equipment system, an important means to reduce casualties, and a strong guarantee to improve tactical precision strike capabilities, especially in tactical early warning and reconnaissance, flexible and mobile. Military unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) that are not afraid of sacrifice can carry out reconnaissance in dangerous areas and blind areas, and will gradually become an important equipment for obtaining and releasing tactical information on the ground battlefield. Although aerospace early warning and reconnaissance can provide support for the military to make operational plans at the strategic level, it is difficult to meet the tactical needs of ground operations, while unmanned ground vehicles can provide more detailed battlefield information for the ground forces at the tactical level, becoming an important means to improve battlefield situation awareness. Driven by the demand of future combat and the development of information technology, major countries in the world are now vigorously carrying out relevant technological breakthroughs, making military unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) show a momentum of development.
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