500kg Crawler-type Unmanned Ground Vehicle HN-200

The HN-200 crawler-type unmanned ground vehicle multi-mission universal platform is a universal unmanned chassis developed based on the requirements of high-speed and Qualcomm applications, which fills the gap of unmanned tracked chassis in China in the level below 1 ton. Through secondary development, the chassis can be used in many fields such as team transportation, reconnaissance, evaluation, relay, penetration, strike, mine clearance, fire fighting, disaster relief, geophysical exploration, oil and so on. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and convenient airdrop. There will be no charge cycle limit when using the petrol-electric hybrid. The platform has complete wire control interface, which can easily realize wireless or cable remote control, and can also be configured with independent operation module.
500kg Crawler-type Unmanned Ground Vehicle

500kg Crawler-type Unmanned Ground Vehicle
Main technical indicators
1. Overall size (L×W×H) : 2650×1500×1000 (mm)
2.  Weight: 500kg
3.  Load: 200kg (warehouse 1200×1000×500)
4. Maximum power of the host: 12KW
5. Power supply: 72V/240AH
6. Steering mode: double flow steering
7. Suspension form: adjustable oil and gas suspension
8. Suspension stroke adjustment range: 300mm
9. Maximum driving range: 50km
10. Highest speed: 50km/h
11. Maximum climb: 35 degrees
12. Vertical obstacle: 0.6m
13. Trench: 0.8m
14. Wade depth: 0.6m
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