Tracked Unmanned Ground Vehicle Chassis KKF60

Product Introduction:
KT60 tracked unmanned ground vehicle chassis  is a has a good stability and cross-country ability of medium-sized pedrail robot chassis, represent a stability, it can realize spin around, the vehicle use classic Christian type independent suspension design, unilateral 4 groups of suspension arm + since when tight suspension system, chassis barycenter is low, have good climbing obstacle capability, outdoor complex pavement can also smooth driving, It provides a good driving camera environment for photography. Main functions: robot chassis mainly used for exploration, investigation, shooting and other functions.

Product features:
1) Using Christie independent suspension design, optimized car body structure, the overall center of gravity of the chassis is low, the car body is not easy to dump when crossing obstacles, good smoothness.

2) Lightweight design of car body, good shock absorption performance, can be well adapted to outdoor complex road surface.

3) Modular design adopts CAN bus device management and standardization of interface structure, size and parameters, providing customers with a stable and broad application-level mobile robot platform for rapid and convenient secondary development.

Product technical parameters:
Tracked Unmanned Ground Vehicle Chassis

Overall dimensions: 756*675*309mm
Track width: 80mm
Grounding length: 360+10mm
Chassis weight: 5okg
Rated load: 60kg
Main body material: Alloy steel plate/stainless steel plate/aluminum plate
Caterpillar material: Premium rubber inserts kevlar
Wheels: Aluminum alloy
Surface treatment: Spray plastic/paint
Motor power: 200w * 2
Working temperature: - 20 ° ℃ ~ 60 ° ℃
speed: 0~1m/s
Biggest obstacle: 60mm
Biggest climbing: 30 ° (light)
Control distance: 300 m()
Endurance: 100 min (light)
Battery: Lithium battery 48V, 40AH
Charging time: 2 to 3 hours
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