13kg Crawler-type Unmanned Ground Vehicle HN-05

HN-05a /B Crawler-type Unmanned Ground Vehicle platform is designed based on the single soldier carrying, with light weight, strong carrying capacity, fast speed, good passing ability and other characteristics. Equipped with different mission modules, it can be used for field close-in reconnaissance, battlefield evaluation, anti-terrorism and explosive disposal, narrow space rescue, etc.

★ The platform adopts integral body structure, with strong bearing capacity and large internal space. The body is made of high strength nonmetallic plate, which has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, no deformation and no radar characteristics.

★ High performance rocker adaptive suspension, can greatly improve the platform obstacle climbing ability.

The pin-connected anti-trip track ensures the reliability of the platform when it passes through various complex ground.
13kg Crawler-type Unmanned Ground Vehicle
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