The UAV pneumatic catapult  take-off method is an advanced UAV launch method that has appeared in the world in recent years, that is, the high-speed movement of the piston is driven by the instantaneous release of high-pressure air, and the UAV is accelerated by the pulley block and the Kevlar rope to drive the car. Take-off speed, and then there is a spring rope ejection take-off method, but the weight of the spring rope ejection is small, which is not suitable for the launch and take-off of drones.

The key points of the technical solution of the pneumatic catapult for UAV include a gas pressure tank, a conduit assembly with one end connected to the outlet of the gas pressure tank, a piston rod assembly pierced in the conduit assembly, and a platform for supporting the UAV body Assemblies, the wing lifting assembly used to lift the wing of the drone and the bracket used to keep the conduit assembly and the platform assembly tilted upward, the wing lifting assembly includes support bars, vertical bars, balance bars, and connectors a and connector b, one end of the support rod is connected to the vertical rod through the connector a and the other end is plugged into the stand assembly, the vertical rod is connected to the balance rod through the connector b, the vertical rod is in a vertical state, and the balance rod is in a horizontal state . The utility model solves the problem that the wing lifting frame of the existing unmanned aerial vehicle aerodynamic catapult has an integrated structure and cannot be disassembled.
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