UAV Pneumatic Catapult PCTM60

By using the expansion of the high-pressure gas to do work, the traction of the drone catapult car to obtain a certain speed off the orbit. Compared with the elastic dynamic catapult, it has the characteristics of high ejection stability, good ejection parametric control, high ejection velocity, high ejection capability, low ejection overload and little influence by ambient temperature.  

PCTM60 is equipped with intelligent "foolproof" control terminal, which can automatically set the ejection pressure according to the ejection weight and deorbit speed. 

Expansion Length:6.5 m
Acceptance length:4 m
Weight:<1000 kg
Max of Takeoff Weight:60 kg
Max of Takeoff Speed:31 m/s
Control Mode:Automatic
Powered:12V Battery
Launch Angel:4~15 °
Time ready for launch:<15 min
Recovery Time:5min
Transportation:Trailer Mounted

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