350KG UAV Catapult Launcher

New Generation Multi Launch System
Ready for integration and operation in support of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles launching​

When performance and effciency cannot be compromised ‘MANJNEEQ MR1-1’ is the ultimate solution, developed in joint collaboration with SoluNox launching Systems and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra. It is designed to meet the current and emerging operational requirements of optimized launch for up to Group-III (less than 1350kg and less than 250 kts) Unmanned Aerial Systems and Target Drones

MIL-SPEC Compliant
System has passed through vigorous stages of type trials performed at launch site in marine environment at creek area. Designed parameter have been validated in hot, humid, dusty and windy weather during day and night operation

System offers high performance power to weight ratio, compact operational footprint and high tactical mobility by 4 x 4 vehicles or a ship. Sling loadable by helicopter, package in a container for seaborne and land based operations. It can be transported in a 20 ft sea container.
SoluNox has designed and carved out topology using Parametric Technology Corporation software CREO 3.0. Use of CREO 3.0 for designing aerospace and naval systems provides seamless transition from design to manufacturing. System provides flexibility to launch multiple UAVs without recharge of air owing to high pressure and high volume reservoir.
Launcher rail is a robust yet fexible structure to with stand dynamic and static loading. Pneumatic power pack is highly compact and extremely powerful.

Technical Specifications
  • HP Air: 200bar
  • Air Capacity: 1200 lit at 200 bar
  • Launch Force: up to 100000lbs
  • Launch capability: 05 launches at 60bar
  • UAV mass: up to 350 kg (extendable)
  • Launch speeds: up to 55 m/s

  • Length: 16425mm
  • Width: 2100mm
  • Height : 4000mm
  • Angle: 5-20 degrees
  • Mass: 6000 Kg

  • Length: 6000mm
  • Width: 2100
  • Height: 2500mm
  • Speed: 80 Kph


All weather compatible including marine

IP 44

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