UAV Pneumatic Catapult Launching System BJCY-10

Size parameters:
Launch preparation time: 15min
Working temperature: -30°~+50°
Launch response time: 5min
Highway transportation speed: 80km/h
Equipment quality: 2500kg
Launch angle: 8-15°
Acceleration depends on drone type
Transmitter dimensions:
    Length: 4200mm/7100mm
    Width: 180Omm
    Height: 160Omm—1900mm

In terms of reliability and flexibility, the second-generation high-pressure pneumatic launcher performed very well. Designed from the beginning as a multi-purpose solution supporting tactical UAV systems and target UAVs, it always provides excellent operational performance.
As the second-generation drone launcher, it supports a wide range of initial launch speed and weight of the drone, allowing a variety of drone matching under a wide range of environmental conditions, including propeller-driven and turbine-engined aircraft .
The adjustable launch pressure allows the launcher to provide a variable take-off speed, which can be optimized to a single aircraft type and mission. The closed pneumatic system can quickly restore system pressure, shortening the time between launches of a single aircraft to less than five minutes.
The launcher was designed for rapid deployment from the beginning, and has been launched hundreds of times. After operation verification, the launcher has excellent reliability and low maintenance costs. The launcher is equipped with its own power unit, allowing it to be used without an external power source and reducing the logistic footprint for its deployment.
The transmitter is compact and has foldable capability. The launcher is installed on a specific trailer and has good mobility, transportation and storage performance.
The launcher can be safely operated by two persons in various tasks. According to operating requirements, the installation time can be as low as 10 minutes. During the design process, the safe operation of each stage is emphasized, so that the equipment launch process is aligned to minimize the risk of the operator.

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