Anti Drones

QN-202 Missile

The QN-202 launches fire-and-forget type missiles with a maximum range of two kilometers.  The launcher comes with a backpack that stores six missiles. The weight of a single missile is 1.2 kilograms (about 2.6 lbs) which means the full load of the backpack is 7.2 kilograms (roughly 16 lbs).

The QN-202 launcher has a collapsible stock (note the slot on top of the receiver and notches on the stock), pistol grip, vertical front grip, and a scope. Interestingly, instead of a top Picatinny rail which seems to have become a standard scope mounting platform worldwide, the QN-202 looks to have a proprietary sight mount. QN-202 Missile can be mounted on small drones

It has the ability to combat drones, anti-light armor, swarm personnel killing, long-distance attacking fixed firepower points, etc.

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