Loitering Munitions

Tracked unmanned ground vehicle-mounted loitering munition system

loitering munition

The chassis of the "Dark Blade" tracked unmanned ground vehicle adopts multi-sensor fusion sensing and autonomous path planning technology, which can autonomously navigate and plan path in unstructured road environment with low feature off-road driving and long-time standby in forward combat regions. The unmanned ground vehicle carries 4missiles which can achieve missions such as optical or radar reconnaissance transmission, launching loitering munitions and communication relay under the instruction of data link from superior.
AD10 short-range loitering munitions can be launched on unmanned ground vehicles or by a single warfighter if necessary. It conducts reconnaissance on the battlefield, provides targets instructions for fire units and directly attack high-value targets such as armoured vehicles, missile launchers, command and communication shelter, individual war fighters and so on.

Both unmanned ground vehicle and loitering munition can be equipped with self-organised data-links and coordinated control modules as intelligent nodes which can be incorporated into various manned or unmanned systems to achieve missions. The system is easy to deploy, flexible in development.

Length: 2000mm
Width: 1370mm
Height: 1170mm (launcher lay)
             1700mm (launcher rise)
Weight: 700kg
Maximum speed: 40km/h
Missile load: 4

Loitering munition
Takeoff weight:10kg
Cruising speed: 110km/h
Maximum speed: 180km/h
Warhead weight:2kg
Accuracy: CEP<1.5m
Control radius: 20km
Cruising time: ≥60min
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