Loitering Munitions

RF90 Loitering Munition

Product introduction
Drum launch  precision  Reconnaissance and strike integration  Custom integration
RF90 loitering munition is a new information uav platform which combines information acquisition and precision strike. The main feature is that all wings can be folded, compact size after folding, storage, transportation and transmission integrated, can be launched to achieve rapid deployment, timely detection of time-sensitive targets, instant attack. The aircraft can be used alone or integrated into vehicles, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, surface/underwater vessels and other platforms.
The aircraft has completed more than 2,000 mission flights with a cumulative flight time of more than 2,000 hours. The machine can be used for rocket boost, chamber pressure launch, high pressure nitrogen launch and other launch methods. The first application of air launch and surface launch in China was realized.

Endurance time :≥60min
Control radius :≥15km
Maximum takeoff weight: ≥10kg
Folding size: O140mm x 1070mm
Load capacity: ≥3kg
Maximum take-off altitude :5000m
Maximum flat speed:50m/s
Cruising speed:30m/s ~ 40m/s
Launch platforms: single barrel, vehicle, helicopter, fixed wing aircraft, surface/underwater vessel

Application scenario
1 individual patrol missile
RF90 Loitering Munition Attack static targets
     Attack static targets
RF90 Loitering Munition Attack moving targets
Attack moving targets
2 Modular tactical loitering munition

Modular tactical loitering munition
3 Typhoon Monitoring

Typhoon Monitoring
In October 2020, supported by the National Key RESEARCH and development Program "Offshore Typhoon Three-dimensional Collaborative Observation Scientific Experiment", RF90 UAV observed typhoon "Langka". It is the first time in China to fly into the core of a typhoon, and obtain real-time meteorological data such as wind speed, wind direction, pressure, temperature and humidity, as well as sea state monitoring videos.

4 UAV Cluster 
Number of clusters: 20
Control radius: ≥ 10km
Transmission bandwidth: ≥ 16mbps
Video transmission: 6-channel video real-time return
Network architecture: mesh ad hoc network

UAV Cluster 
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