Loitering Munitions

RF70 Loitering Munition

RF70 loitering munition
Standard aerial sonar tube aperture  Barrel launch  Low magnetic design setting  System integration

The RF70 loitering munition is designed with low magnetism and is equipped with magnetic detection load. It can be stored and launched by using standard aerial sonar tubes to realize intensive aerial launch of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft and detect underwater targets.

Endurance: ≥ 60min
Control radius :≥ 10km
Maximum takeoff weight :≥ 7kg
Folding size :120mm × 885mm
Load capacity :≥ 1.5kg
Maximum takeoff height :5000m
Maximum level flight speed: 45m / S
Cruise speed :30m / S ~ 40m / S
Launch platform:single barrel, vehicle, helicopter, fixed wing aircraft, surface / underwater ship
RF70 loitering munition
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