Loitering Munitions

RF200 Air-launched Loitering Munition

RF200 Air-launched Loitering Munition

Air launch  Tactical integration  Modular load
RF200 Air-launched loitering munition is a new information-based UAV platform that organically combines information acquisition and precision strike. The main features are large load, long endurance, storage and transportation. It can be installed in the beehive launcher of armed helicopter. It can launch directly without dropping barrel. It can be used as a loyal wingman of man-machine to realize the coordinated operation between man and man.

Endurance time:≥ 120min
Control radius:≥ 30km
Maximum takeoff weight:≥ 20kg
Folding size:φ 180mm × 1860mm
Load capacity :≥ 4.5kg
Maximum takeoff height:5000m
Maximum level flight speed:45m / S
Cruise speed:28m / S ~ 35m / S
Launch platform:Single barrel, vehicle, helicopter, fixed wing aircraft, surface / underwater ship

RF200 Air-launched loitering
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