Military Micro Drone Hummingbird

Military Micro Drone Hummingbird
Military Micro Drone Hummingbird

Micro Military Drone|mini drone|Nano Drone
Military Micro Drone|mini drone|Nano Drone

Military Micro Drone Hummingbird

The military micro drone is from China

The military micro drone is comparable to the Black Hornet and can be used for close-in reconnaissance, public domain security surveillance and hazardous chemical warehouses and pipelines. The micro military drone can transmit high-definition or live images at a distance of up to 2km.

The military micro drone is driven by a miniature motor and a high-capacity density lithium battery, and the lithium battery can be replaced at any time to continue flying. The noise is very low, and four cameras are installed. It can be said that the whole body is composed of cameras, and all sides can be observed in place. Equipped with laser sensors on all four sides for detection and obstacle avoidance, the micro military drone can form a swarm of up to 16 drones and be controlled from the ground with the latest tactical command system mounted on a smartphone.

★Extremely covert Nano UAV system
Extremely low visual and audible signatures.

★Beyond visual line-of-sight
Expand visual range in complex and urban environments Rapidly engage targets beyond visual line-of-sight, and conduct real-time weapon effectiveness assessment.

★Save lives and minimize collateral damage
Detect and identify threats day and night without being detected.

★Autonomous indoor outdoor fly
The laser sensors can detecte the obstacle and avoid it.It can do route fly with gPS for outdoor.

★Easy to learn and easy to use
With half day time training, the soldiers can handle well.

Micro Military Drone|mini drone|Nano Drone

Military Micro Drone Hummingbird

Rotor diameter:123 mm (4.8 in)
Length:139 mm (5.4 in)
Weight:< 35grams (1.23 oz)
Endurance: Up to 25 minutes
Max. speed: 6.5 m/sec ground speed
Frequency:400-5000Mhz, Details on request
Radio Range :>2 km (1.24 mi)
Data link: dynamic power, frequency hopping, beyond line-of sight Resolution
Payload: 2 EO Cameras +1 thermal Camera

●Horizontal Camera:
 Video : 1280x1024@30 fps, 1280x720@30 fps, 640x480@30 fps
 Snapshot: 2560x1920

●45⁰ Camera:
Video: 1280x1024@30 fps, 1280x720@30 fps, 640x480@30 fps 

●Thermal camera:
 Video: 160x120
 Snapshot: 160x120

Flight modes: 
●Auto and Manual Hover & Stare
●Route and user selectable waypoint actions
●Automatic return when lost link
●Navigation GPS and GPS denied 

Indoor capability: 
4 sides laser senor can detected obstacle and avoiding
Optical flow for precise hovering
Mission Data encrypted: SNOW、AES、ZUC 
Launch Time :45-120 Seconds depending on launch mode
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