Coaxial Propeller Drone C110A ( Low Cost )

The overall appearance of coaxial double-propeller drone C110A adopts cylindrical design, which is composed of propeller, battery, flight platform, data link communication module, AI flight control system and other components, among which the rotor adopts folding design.

Main performance
high survivability, high intelligence, domestic, cooperative combat Simple design, easy to carry, rapid expansion and simple operation;
Strong maneuverability and stable flight;
The effective combat load is greater than 1KG;
3 km radius and wide coverage;
Flying height of 100 meters, safe and secret;
Strong wind resistance;
Long duration
Spot hover
Route planning and formation flying

Product parameters

Product size (fold):≤Φ 110mm*660mm
Product size (deploy):≤Φ 555mm*660mm
Lateral flight speed:≤20m/s
Vertical flight speed:≤8m/s
Wind-resistance Grade:Level 6
Hovering accuracy:0.5m
Working temperature:-20℃~60℃

Mission payload
Drum type photoelectric pod-3R34A (visible light camera)
Spherical photoelectric pod-2S70A(optional)(Infrared)
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