Quad-axis Throwing Drone T70A

Product introductio of Coaxial Rotor Drone T70A
The cup coaxial rotor drone T70A consists of a bucket throwing and a cup quad-axis UAV. The bucket throwing is used for the UAV inside the laun.

Product Advanta of Coaxial Rotor Drone T70A
 High Destructibility, Intelligence, Nationwide Production and Cooperative Operations;
 Simple design, easy to carry, fast expansion, simple operation;
 Strong maneuverability and flight stability;
 Large operational radius and wide coverage;
 100-meter flight height, safety and privacy;
 Strong wind resistance;
 Long Duration;
 Fixed-point hover;
 Route planning, formation fligh

Main paramet of Coaxial Rotor Drone T70A
 Product size (folded state):≤Φ70mm*600mm
 Product size (unfolded state):≤Φ410mm*600mm
 Endurance (no load):8-12min
 Dead load:≤1.8Kg
 Load:≤1.2Kg
 Lateral flight speed:≤20m/s
 Vertical flight speed:≤8m/s
 Wind resistance level: 5 级
 Hover accuracy:0.5m
 Working temperature:-10℃~40℃
 Flight altitude:4000m
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