Hand Thrown Launch Drone GMX-1

The GMX-1 hand-throwing UAV is a miniature UAV that can be thrown and released by hand. The aerodynamic shape of the aircraft imitates the "Big Crow" B-type UAV of the US military RQ-11B, and adopts the self-developed INS/GPS integrated navigation. The system and flight control system have realized the whole process of autonomous flight, equipped with a miniature high-definition camera and a miniature image transmission radio, which can send back video information in real time. The total weight of the UAV is less than 2.5 kg, and it can be assembled and thrown into the air within 10 minutes, which is very suitable for emergency reconnaissance.

Length: 1.1m
Wingspan: 1.6m
Maximum flight speed: 80 Km/h
Maximum take-off weight: 2.5Kg
Flight altitude: 50~1000m
Endurance: >1h
Normal Design Overload: 4g, Instantaneous 6g
Control distance: 10Km
Wind resistance: level 5
Take-off method: hand-thrown take-off, vehicle take-off, catapult take-off
Recovery method: gliding landing, parachute landing
Control and guidance methods: remote control, program control, full autonomous flight
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