Rainbow CH-817 Mini Attack Drone

CH-817 micro attack UAV is a micro air vehicle with coaxial double propeller layout. The UAV is not limited by the take-off and landing site and can take off and land independently in complex environment. It has the functions of environmental perception, obstacle avoidance and optical guidance. It can carry high explosive warhead to carry out high-precision lethal attack on armed individual soldiers; It can also carry multiple aircraft through large UAVs, put them into the target area, and complete large-scale regional reconnaissance and fixed-point precision strike tasks through multi aircraft cooperation.

In addition, CH-817 UAVs can be hung on other large UAVs for long-distance delivery. For example, one or two hundred or more UAVs can be hung on rainbow-4 or rainbow-5 for cluster operation, so as to complete the "large + medium and small + micro" system operation mode.

Main parameters
Takeoff weight: over 800 g
Load weight: 200-300 g
Endurance: 15 min
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