HW-120 Hand-thrown UAV

Technical features:
HW-120 is a small electric hand throwing UAV, with small volume, light weight, convenient disassembly, low noise, flexible application, strong concealment and other characteristics. Can be carried by a single person, suitable for small area, low airspace, real-time inspection work, can carry out police patrol, electric line patrol, forest monitoring, anti-terrorism and stability maintenance tasks.

Length: 1.6m;
Wing span: 2.0m;
Take-off weight: 5.8kg
Mission load: 2kg;
Cruising speed: 60-90km/h;
Endurance: 45min-1H
Measurement and control radius: 20km;
Wind resistance: level 5;
Take-off mode: catapult/handthrow;
Landing mode: belly scraping/parachute landing;
Application: police application, military application, emergency and disaster relief
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