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ASN-15 Unmanned Reconnaissance Aerial Vehicle

The ASN-15 unmanned reconnaissance aerial vehicle (URAV) has been deployed by the PLA ground forces for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) roles. Developed by Xi'an ASN Technology Group Company, the 6kg ASN-15 can be launched by a single soldier in his hand. The URAV can fly at a speed of 80km/h at altitudes of 50~500m, and the flight endurance is 1 hour. The UAV is fitted with a CCD camera and transmits the image data to the ground station via datalink in a real-time manner.

The URAV is operated by the UAV unit of the reconnaissance battalion organic to an Army division. The UAV and the ground equipments can be dissembled and carried by soldiers in several boxes. The URAV can be recovered by parachute or gliding.

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