ASN-217 Hand Thrown Drone

ASN-217 Electric UAV System can install small sized TV camera or camera. It operates within 20km. It takes off with hand throw and recovers with parachute or landing gear. It is used for earthquake situation exploration, weather detection, land exploration, geography mapping, search and rescue, electricity and petroleum pipeline detection, etc. ASN-217 Electric UAV System is composed of aircraft, portable GCS and logistic equipment.

Main Technical Parameters
Take-off Weight:5.5kg
Mission Payload:1.5kg
Max Altitude:4000m
Max Speed:120km/h
Crusing Speed:40km/h-70km/h
Endurance: 1.5h
Control Range:20km
Launch & Recover:Hand throw/Catapult & Glide landing wheel/Parachute
Wing Span:2700mm
Fuselage Length:1700mm
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