Plateau Low-speed Target Drone B-75

The B-75 plateau low-speed target drone is specially designed for the special geographical environment of the plateau. It can be used as an aerial target for the army's plateau training. It can also be loaded with airborne electronic interference equipment to build a complex electromagnetic environment. The aircraft adopts remote control and full autonomous flight mode, which is easy to operate and has a high degree of intelligence.

Maximum flight speed: 75 m/s
Flight altitude: 50~6000m
Maximum take-off altitude: 4500m
Maximum take-off weight: 63Kg
Battery life: 60min
Control distance: 100Km
Maximum load: 5Kg
Captain: 2.55m
Wingspan: 3.25m
Wind resistance: level 5
Takeoff method: rocket-assisted launch
Recovery method: mainly parachute recovery, allowing gliding landing
Control and guidance methods: remote control, program control, full autonomous flight
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