Long Endurance Heavy Load and Low Speed Target Drone B-50

The B-50 long endurance heavy load and low speed target drone adopts a conventional aerodynamic layout, is powered by a small piston engine, and is made of all-composite materials. The aircraft is equipped with an all-digital flight control system, a GPS navigation system and an integrated measurement and control system, enabling full autonomous flight. By carrying mission equipment such as radar reflector enhancers and infrared sources, the main technical characteristics of various air raid weapons can be simulated. The aircraft is mainly used for military aviation as a low and slow simulation target in the air, and can also be used to support training and live ammunition of air defense forces of land, sea and air force.

Maximum flight speed: 55 m/s
Flight altitude: 50~5500m
Cruising speed: 40 m/s
Endurance time: ≥1.5h
Maximum take-off weight: 115Kg
Maximum load: 25Kg
Captain: 4.5m
Wingspan: 6.2m
Control distance: 100Km
Wind Resistance: Class 6
Take-off method: rocket-assisted launch or catapult launch
Recovery method: Parachute
Control and guidance methods: remote control, program control, full autonomous flight
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