Navy Low Speed Target Drone B-9

The B-9 Navy low-speed target drone is a product modified on a mature aircraft. It mainly carries out the transformation of the flight control system and waterproofing, so that it has the whole-process autonomous flight function and the ability to land and recover on water. The target drone is mainly used to identify the combat effectiveness of the shipborne air defense weapon system and evaluate the training level and live ammunition firing capability of the weapon system operators.

Maximum flight speed: 75 m/s
Flight altitude: 50~3000m
Maximum take-off weight: 60Kg
Endurance time: 50~60min
Control distance: 100Km
Maximum load: 8Kg
Captain: 2.55m
Wingspan: 2.7m
Wind Resistance: Level 5
Take-off method: rocket-assisted ejection (optional)
Recovery method: parachute
Control and guidance methods: remote control, program control, autonomous flight

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