F-16 target drone

It is a new, intelligent, stable, economical and applicable high-speed target drone used to identify the combat effectiveness of various air-venting weapon systems and evaluate the training level of weapon operators. It can simulate low-altitude and ultra-low-altitude cruise missile flight, and provide targets for radar search, tracking, early warning and tactical research and training to intercept cruise missiles.

The target drone can be mounted with mission equipment such as microwave radiation sources and light tracers;
The target drone itself has a real-time positioning function, which can provide positioning information to the system through ground equipment;
The target drone has the means to enhance RCS; the ground remote control station of the target drone can remotely control the switch of the airborne microwave radiation source;
 The target drone can be launched on land and carrier;

Product parameters
Length: 4 meters
Wingspan: 2.5 meters
Mission load: 15kg
Maximum flight speed: 350km/h
Control radius: 60km
Endurance: 30min
Engine: 30kg*2 turbojets
Fuel: Aviation kerosene
Take-off and landing method: Rolling take-off and landing
Control method: manual and automatic control
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