Light Low Speed Target Drone HKB-85

The HKB-85 target drone is a light low-speed target drone specially developed for the air defense forces. It can fly autonomously throughout the whole process, has strong safety protection functions, and has real-time adjustment and fault self-diagnosis functions. It is free of debugging and can be applied to plateaus. Flight, can carry infrared enhancer or radar reflector enhancer, used to identify the combat performance and damage degree of ground or shipborne air defense weapon systems, and evaluate the training level of weapon system operators. The aircraft can also fly multiple aircraft (10 aircraft) in formation in the same airspace to meet the requirements of actual combat training.

Maximum flight speed: Type A: 50 m/s
                                     Type B: 80m/s
Flight altitude: 100~3000 m
Endurance time: Type A: 60 min
                           Type B: 40min
Maximum take-off weight: 20Kg
Maximum load: 3Kg
Captain: 2 m
Wingspan: 2.6 m
Control distance: 40 km
Wind resistance: level 5
Take-off method: rubber band ejection
Recovery method: Parachute
Control and guidance methods: remote control, program control, full autonomous flight
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