Low Speed Target Drone B-75

The B-75 target drone is a low-speed unmanned target drone. It adopts a fully digital flight control system and a measurement and control system. The target drone has the functions of long-endurance, long-distance and full-range autonomous flight. Electromagnetic environment. It is mainly used to support the training and live firing of air defense forces of land, sea and air force. The aircraft can also fly multiple aircraft (10 aircraft) in formation in the same airspace to meet the requirements of actual combat training.

Maximum flight speed: 75 m/s
Flight altitude: 50~5000m
Maximum take-off weight: 63Kg
Endurance time: 90~100min
Control distance: 100Km
Maximum load: 5Kg
Captain: 2.55m
Wingspan: 2.7m
Wind resistance: level 5
Takeoff method: rocket-assisted launch
Recovery method: Parachute recovery is the main method, and gliding landing is allowed
Control and guidance methods: remote control, program control, full autonomous flight
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