HK-70B Low Speed Target Drone (Basic type、Navy type)

The low-speed target drone is a target drone that can be recycled on land and water. It uses a gasoline engine engine and can carry multiple mission loads such as towed targets, tracer tubes, and differential GPS positioning equipment. It flies on a predetermined route and simulates the air. Flying weapons. The drone can fly and recover in a variety of environments on land and at sea, has the ability to fly multiple aircraft in the same air, can simulate complex air conditions, has comprehensive security control measures, has strong load carrying capacity, wide application range, and flight safety Features such as good performance and high cost performance.

Overall length: 2.2 m
Wingspan: 2.8 m
Maximum level flight speed: 260 km/h
Cruising speed: 180-216 km/h
Practical ceiling: 3000 m
Maximum battery life: 50 min
Maximum take-off weight: 58 kg
Maximum task load: 5 kg
Radar scattering area: 0.2-1 m²
Measurement and control radius: 40 km
Wind resistance: Level 5
Launch and recovery methods: rocket-assisted launch, parachute recovery
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