CH-80 Multi-functional UAV / Low Speed Target Drone

The CH-80 multi-functional UAV is a multi-functional UAV carrier platform, with a maximum load of 10kg and a maximum level flight speed of 80m / s. It has full autonomous flight capability, rocket assisted take-off and parachute landing. It is mature and reliable. In the past 8 years of practical use, it has achieved a good reputation.

The carrier platform system of Model 80 multi-functional UAV is composed of UAV, ground control equipment, zero length launch system, general-purpose rocket booster and ignition device, engine starter and integrated support system. The UAV body is formed by carbon fiber composite mold, which has the characteristics of light weight and high strength. The whole system adopts modular design, and the spare parts have high interchangeability, high reliability, plug and play, which is convenient for repair and maintenance.

Typical application scenarios:
● low speed targets of artillery and missiles;
● normal patrol and forward reconnaissance in complex terrain areas such as border lines;
● anti terrorism operations, targeted clearance and small target strike;
● marine mapping, forest fire inspection, environmental protection, meteorological detection and other applications;

1. As a target system, you can choose to carry the following mission equipment: x2 infrared tracer tubes and X6 decoy bombs
Longbo ball x2 group, infrared tracer x1, bait bomb X6 group, small infrared tracer + soft target 3 groups
Bucket hard target 1 group
2. As a reconnaissance UAV system, it can carry the following mission equipment: photoelectric pod and various radars (the total weight does not exceed 10kg)
3. As an inspection and combat integrated UAV system, it can carry the following mission equipment: 1 set of optical aiming pod + 2 small air-to-air missiles or customized requirements

Main combat technical indexes of type 80 multifunctional UAV:
Wingspan: 2435mm
Fuselage length: 2400mm
Empty weight: 25kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 35kg
Flight time: 1.5h
Flight speed: 60-80m / S
Flight altitude: 50-4500m
Maximum load: 10kg

Measurement and control radius: 40 km
Takeoff mode: Rocket boost
Landing mode: parachute
Engine: gasoline two-stroke engine
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