CH-01S Low Speed Target Drone

CH-01S low-speed target aircraft can simulate target characteristics such as armed helicopters and tactical UAVs for daily training and exercise activities of ground air defense forces. It can be used for repeated take-off and landing. It is rocket assisted take-off, and the parachute is recovered at a fixed point. It has the loading and dropping capacity of towed target and two tracer tubes. The tracer tubes can be ignited respectively and can carry Longbo ball; It has the function of five target aircraft flying in the same air formation; It has the functions of ground remote control, program control and autonomous flight, and can take off and land with one key; With safety control function, it can independently judge abnormal conditions and take protective measures such as homing, parachute opening and recovery.

Key parameter index
1. Maximum level flight speed: 100M / S (no-load)
2. Maximum flight altitude: 5700m (altitude)
3. Maximum endurance time: 62min (no-load)
4. Maximum control radius: 75KM (relative height ≮ 800m)
5. Maximum task load weight: 10kg
6. Maximum number of simultaneous formations: 5
7. Radar cross section: 0.21 ~ 0.48M ² (s and C bands, forward ± 30 °, bare metal)
8. Maximum takeoff height: 2850m
9. working temperature: it can work normally within the temperature range of - 40 ° ~ + 50 ℃
10. Wind resistance grade:
Level 6
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