TD5 target drone helicopter


 TD5 target drone unmanned helicopter is a small target unmanned helicopter developed according to the use requirements of the shooting range.
It can simulate the radar, infrared and other electronic radiation characteristics of a variety of large and medium-sized helicopters, and can be configured with relevant loads to achieve self-defense jamming. Combined with its high mobility characteristics, it can fully simulate the characteristics of foreign military helicopters, used to simulate the attack against enemy helicopters. At the same time, the TD5 target drone unmanned helicopter system has the advantages of simple composition, high reliability, high degree of automation, low requirements on operators and users, lower procurement and use costs than the same level of unmanned helicopter, and better economy.

TD5 target unmanned helicopter has the characteristics of compact size, maneuverability, vertical takeoff and landing, fixed-point hover, and low requirements on the takeoff and landing site. It adopts the whole machine electromagnetic compatibility design, has high environmental adaptability, can be used in a variety of complex simulated combat environments, and has important application value for improving the actual combat capability.

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