Plateau Low-speed Target Aircraft Z60

The main parameters of the plateau low-speed target aircraft Z60
 Wingspan: 2.35 m
 Length: 1.4 m
 High: 0.2 m
 Power: piston engine
 Maximum take-off weight: 16kg
 Flight speed: 0 ~ 60m/s
 Endurance: > 1.0 h
 Flight altitude:  6000m
 Maximum take-off altitude: 4500m
  Minimum flight altitude: 10m
 Take-off and landing method: hand throw/catapult take-off (parachute landing)
 Control range: 20 km
 Operation: independent course, one key return, manual
 Mission load: tractors, delta target
 Material quality: wood structure, modular design, easy maintenance
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