LJ-1 High Speed Target Drone

LJ-I Tactical Aerial Vehicle is a high subsonic UAV independently developed by CAKV can simulate the third and fourth generation fighters. Featuring High mobility, long endurance, that stealth, and recoverability, it is capable of simulating the maneuverability and supports a variety of payloads. It is remotely controlled and monitored by a portable ground measurement &control station. It can use GPS positioning and navigation. lt can perform various Tactical maneuvers such as dive and pull, 6G stable hovering,roll, half-roll reverse, S-shaped maneuver, barrel roll, and multi-machine collaboration, with autonomous program-controlled flight and air confrontation capabilities.

Technical Specifications: 
Altitude: 100m (relative height) - 10km (altitude)
Maximum Flight Speed: ≮0.8Ma (altitude of 7km-10km)
Maximum Endurance(cruising state at altitude of 5km): ≮60min
Maximum Instantaneous Overload: ≮9g (altitude not less than 3km)
Overall Dimensions: Aircraft length≮4.74m and wingspan ≮2.5m designed as per the shape of the fixed wing aircraft
Payload Types: Active self-defense jamming equipment, chaff/ infrared jamming decoy dispensing device,
infrared target simulator, etc.
Payload Weight: <40kg
Active self-defense jamming equipment
Load Space: chaff dispensing device and RCS augmented device, are equipped simultaneously;
lnfrared target simulator can also be installed
Load Power Supply Requirements: Power supply capacity ≮500W and power supply time≮30min
RCS: ≯0.05m2 (head-on +30° taper angle mean value, X/Ku/Ka band, static test) X-band is ≮1m² after adding the luneberg lens.(head-on +30° taper angle mean value)
Take-off Means: Assisted by ground rocket
Control Mode: Autonomous navigation & remote command control which can be switched during flight
Recovery Mode: Recovery Parachute & Airbag

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