High Speed Target Drone TH-B200

Main performance indicators
1. Dimensions and weight
Size Captain: 3.5m; Wingspan: 1.8m
Maximum takeoff weight 150Kg
2.Flight performance
Maximum flight altitude 8000m
Ultra-low flight speed 200m/s
Ultra-low altitude 30m
Ultra-low altitude flight distance ≥30Km
Endurance 50min
3.Formation ability
Number of formations 2
formation slant ≤100m
4. Maneuverability
Maximum Normal Overload 5g
5. Dynamic performance
Maximum gantry thrust at sea level 107daN
6. Stealth performance
RCS 0.05-0.2㎡ (X/S/C/Ku/Ka band, nose cone ±30°, pitch angle ±15° average)
7. Load capacity
Maximum load 25Kg
mission payload type Match on demand
8. Measurement and control performance
Measurement and control radius 150Km
9. Launch and recovery method
Rocket boosted zero-length launch, parachute recovery
10. Life
The life of the body is not less than 20 ups and downs
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